How to organize an inexpensive and unforgettable vacation in Spain?
Everyone can afford to travel if they have a goal - to see the world. After reading the tips, you can learn how to have a budget vacation in Spain and not stay for miles, but get a lot of pleasant memories and impressions.
Secrets of a budget trip to Spain: what to save on?
You don't have to earn a lot to travel around the world. All you need is to be able to manage your money and know what you can save on when traveling. This is what we will tell you about. So, how can you relax in Spain on a budget?
1. Flight, as a rule, is one of the serious items of expenditure, but even in this case, you can manage to spend a minimum. How? Simply select a connecting flight. This, firstly, will be cheaper, and secondly, if there is enough time between connections, you will be able to walk around another European city: Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Munich, where would you like to visit? Even if not for long, but for free. In our opinion, the opportunity to visit one of the European cities between flights is a huge plus of transfers. And you should use it. If you are going to Majorca, we recommend you to make a transfer in Barcelona. Target-Canary Islands? Then, in this case, it will be cheaper if you choose a transfer in Madrid. Thus, a tourist can save up to 4 thousand rubles.
2. If you plan to visit more than one city in Spain, but several, then choose the most economical transport option in this case – the train. And although Europe does not have the lowest prices for railway trips, but in Spain they will please tourists with their price. In addition, there are even travel cards that give the right to unlimited travel between cities for a certain period ( Interrail One Country Pass). But they need to be ordered in advance.
3. Going to Spain, many people are interested in the service "car rental", and this is not surprising. After all, having a car, you can see much more. To rent a car in Spain is worth the money – this is a fact. But it is worth remembering that local local firms offer lower prices. Although the tourist needs to carefully read the contract and the terms of the lease (hidden payments, commissions, etc. are possible). As for the price of gasoline, in Spain, you can buy fuel at a loyal price (of course, if you compare it with European countries). In addition, tourists should take into account the presence of high-speed toll roads. In order not to overpay, we recommend choosing duplicate free roads. You will not be able to drive on them (the speed is lower than on toll roads), but without financial losses.
4. Another question that worries every tourist. How to save money on accommodation? There are a lot of options in our time: starting with free accommodation, thanks to couchsurfers, and ending with early booking of hotels or renting a hotel by the type of hostel. And finally, the most extreme option, if you missed the moment and did not book cheap housing, and there is no extra money – you can spend the night in the car. It is not very comfortable, and for the duration of the entire trip, such temporary housing will not work, but for one night this option quite stands up to criticism.
5. If you want to go to Spain really on a budget, then choose the right season, namely low. Summer is a popular holiday season for many tourists. As a result, it turns out to be expensive and not very comfortable. After all, in July and August, the air temperature can warm up to +40 (not the most favorable time for excursions). And if you take into account the large influx of tourists plus high prices, then it becomes sad at all. It is quite another thing to go in the low season (from November to March). It is not hot, sunny and warm enough, there are no queues and crowds of tourists from other countries, and most importantly-it is cheaper than in the season.
6. You don't have to spend a fortune on food either. If the living conditions allow (there is a kitchen), then you can cook yourself, buying food in stores or at the market. If this is not possible, then try to choose not tourist establishments, but those cafes where local people dine (it will be cheaper there). In addition, Spain has a good system of bars (called tapas). The essence of it is as follows – after ordering a drink, the customer receives a plate with small sandwiches with different fillings (and this is free).
7. Sightseeing is another important expense item. It is stupid to come to Spain and not see the iconic places, museums, not touch the culture and traditions of this people. Moreover, you can save money on the cultural program, for example, by buying tickets online. This will not only help you avoid the queue at the checkout, but in some cases you will save 2-3 euros. You can also get on a free sightseeing tour (in our time, they are arranged by local volunteers in all the capitals of Europe). However, you need to know English or Spanish.
As you can see, you can go to Spain on a budget, if you really want to.