More and more companies appear on the market, competing with each other, and providing tourists with the most favorable conditions. Therefore, travel is becoming more accessible. But this is not the only thing that helps travelers save money. Today, experienced tourists who manage the seemingly impossible – to spend only 100 euros for a vacation-will share their secrets. Just note that the cost of the flight is not included in this budget. But you can still get to Paris, for example, on a budget.
Other secrets of saving money for tourists:
It is not necessary to rent an apartment, pay for a hotel or hostel. You can live for free. But to do this, you will have to spend time looking for options on services for travelers, such as couchsurfing. At the same time, we advise you to always have a plan "B" just in case. It is rare, but it happens when, having found a temporary housing option, a tourist is left without it. If the once hospitable host does not get in touch, then in this case it is better to have money for the most modest hostel.
Go to Disneyland for free. This is not about the generosity of the world's most famous amusement park, but about luck. But why not try it (by the way, there are people who really managed not to pay for the entrance ticket). You can hitchhike to Disneyland, and then try your luck. Sometimes people who have already gone to the park and are going to leave can give a ticket for free. If you are not too shy, you can save money.
You can also save money on food. If you choose local food markets instead of going to cafes. In Paris, there are about 80 of them. Here they sell excellent and fresh products. Of course, I want to go to a cafe. In this case, we recommend choosing a cafe away from the city center. It will be cheaper. In addition, we recommend going to places at lunchtime. All restaurants offer visitors set meals (2 or 3 courses). Therefore, a trip to the restaurant will be cheaper than in the evening or in the morning (from 10 to 20 euros).
You can even save money in Paris by taking the metro. Or rather, not to save, not to pay. Some craftsmen pass through broken doors. In addition, they save money by passing through doors that are designed for people with disabilities. Of course, the described methods are questionable, not the safest in the legal plan. If you do not want problems and unnecessary worries, then buy travel cards – this will also help you save on public transport in Paris. For example, buying 10 tickets at once, a tourist saves about 5 euros.
When moving between cities, you can save on travel by hitchhiking. Not very fast and reliable (you can stand waiting for a car for more than one hour), but it's free.
You can also save money on attractions. Many museums receive visitors on certain days. So, you can visit the most famous art museum in the world, the Louvre, for free from October to March, every first Sunday of the month. And if you are lucky enough to go to Paris in May, specify the date "Night at the Museum". You may be able to go to exhibitions in any museums for free.
Buy a SIM card before the trip. This is a better option than buying a local SIM card or connecting roaming from a home operator. Services are better and cheaper. So, by choosing the Mundo Plus tariff from Orange, you can get 7 GB of mobile Internet in France for 28 days for just 10 euros. And no worries, and no additional fees.
In Paris, the water is of high quality, even in the taps, you can drink it. There are also many drinking fountains in the city. Therefore, you can completely forget about bottled water.
Don't buy too many souvenirs. In Paris, prices bite, it is better to keep beautiful and free photos.
Thus, it is quite possible to fit into the budget of 100 euros during a visit to Paris. The main thing is to have the desire to know English or French and not be afraid to turn to people for help, using all the possibilities!